Berkeley Audio Visual Accessibility Info

Berkeley AV and UC Berkeley strive to provide accessible services and web-based tools. We partner with campus accessibility teams to review both internally developed and purchased solutions.

Berkeley AV will work with your team to address accessibility requirements and concerns. When planning your event we encourage you to consider utilizing spaces with Assistive Listening Systems installed.

Closed Captioning

Berkeley AV shares The University of California’s efforts to uphold a culture of inclusion and strive to meet its  IT Accessibility Policy.  Not only will adding captions make your videos more accessible to those with hearing impairments,  it will make the dialogue in your content more easily understood by everyone.  This is especially beneficial in our increasingly global environment at UC Berkeley.

“The University of California is committed to providing an electronic environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.”

How Our Captioning Services Works

For our customers, the process is seamless. After the video has been recorded and edited, our off-campus partner, who specializes in captioning, will create the captions and add them to the video with no delay to the overall process. Customers will see a price increase for this additional service, but we have been able to control the cost by negotiating with a vendor to provide this important service for all videos we will produce going forward.

Live Streamed Video  & Closed Captioning

Live captioning is required for live streamed events. Berkeley AV will arrange to have live captioning included when we live stream your event. Fees for this service will be calculated for your specific event’s requirements.

Captioning for non-BAV Produced Videos

UC Berkeley has a master contract with 3Play Media(link is external). You can find instructions for arranging their captioning services at this website(link is external). More general information about captions and transcripts is available at this website(link is external).

There are many other vendors you can choose from, such as is external)cielo24(link is external) and CaptionSyn(link is external).

For more information about making all aspects of your event accessible, visit the Planning Accessible Events website. For information about how to make all web content accessible, checkout the UCOP Electronic Accessibility(link is external) site, UC Berkeley’s Accessible Course Content site and the UC Berkeley Web Access site.