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The Travel Desk is your single-point-of contact to help you plan all your travel needs. Regardless of where you are in the process, we are here to make sure all your travel needs are met. Please fill out the appropriate form below and we will work with travelers to make the business end of traveling easy and seamless.

Conference Registration

Individual Travel

Flights, Lodging Reservations, Car Rentals and Transportation for Individual Travelers

Travel & Entertainment Reimbursements

As of July 1st 2020, Student Affairs Business Operations no longer processes Travel & Entertainment reimbursements for staff members. Individuals are now able to directly enter their travel and entertainment expenses into the Campus T&E Reimbursement System.

This new process streamlines reimbursement requests to eliminate duplication, and allows for electronic approvals! Please watch the following training videos on how to submit and approve your Travel & Entertainment reimbursement requests directly into the system.

Watch How-to-Videos

How To Submit A Domestic Travel Reimbursement- Single Destination Trip

How To Submit A Domestic Travel Reimbursement- Multi Destination Trip

How To Submit An Entertainment Reimbursement

Department Approvers Videos:

How To Approve Travel Reimbursements

How to Approve Entertainment Reimbursements

Please note, if your supervisor is not listed as an approver in the T&E system, or you are in need of  technical support, please reach out to Marissa Berwick at

If you are a Student Opportunity Fund recipient, please continue to submit your requests through the Student Opportunity Fund Form above.

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