BAV provides a variety of technical support for video conferences that connect you with sites around the world. We provide a unique and personalized in-person, virtual, and hybrid event experience. We offer consultative services and onsite technical support. We can assess the suitability of your venue for your video conference. On the day of your event, our technicians will set up and operate the equipment to ensure a trouble-free, successful connection.

Common uses of videoconferencing technology are distance learning, guest lecturers, remote collaborations, and hybrid meetings.

More information about these options can be found on the Technology at Berkeley website – Click button below to visit this website.

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Useful Videoconferencing Resources

As you prepare for your videoconference, here are some questions and best practices things to take into consideration…

• Where on campus will you be located?
• Will there be two-way audio and video interaction between all sites?
• Do you want a recording of the videoconference
• How many participants/presenters will be at the campus location?
• How many remote sites are connecting?

… here to expand the full list……

  • Which sites have computer presentations?
  • Can we schedule a test with the external sites? 
  • Where do you want your presentation laptop located? 
  • Do the external sites want to see the presenters or the audience?
  • What does your remote participant want to see while they are speaking?
  • Is there a time difference?
  • Reminder – Wired networks are more stable than wireless networks
  • Be sure to collect a list of phone numbers and contact information for all presenters and support staff.
  • Consider loading all materials to one laptop
  • Consider condescending all presentations into one master slide deck
  • Audience participation can be captured by:
    1. Have the person answering or a moderator repeat questions on their mic.
    2. Provide audience note cards for questions to be submitted to a moderator who then relays the questions.
    3. Place 1 or 2 mics on floor stands in the audience for those with questions to approach, or have someone bring (“running”) the mic to the participant.

The majority of content published on the UC Berkeley Events YouTube Channel is created and produced by BAV. Campus affiliates may submit videos for review to be posted on our channel using the button below with, “YouTube Publishing Request” in the subject field.

If you prefer to publish to your own departmental site, we can provide you with your footage. University policies regarding copyright and accessibility apply to all departmental accounts.

For non-campus affiliates, please email to submit your requests.