Individual Travel

The Student Affairs Travel Desk is temporarily closed until Fall 2022. Please see the below references for your individual travel needs during the closure. For more details and information on how to book all travel accommodations, please refer to  Berkeley Travel website.


All flights must be booked through ConnexUC and can be directly billed to the department charstring. For more information on how to book flights and set up a direct bill, please refer to the “Book a Flight” page on the Berkeley Travel website.


Conference Registrations:

Staff can submit for reimbursement after the conference has happened. If attending a virtual conference where no Travel was associated, staff will submit an Other Expense Reimbursement.



Hotels can be booked through ConnexUC to get the discounted rate. Maximum rate per night is $275, not including taxes/fees. Must be submitted for reimbursement after travel.


Car Rental:

Enterprise: Can be direct billed to our UC Berkeley account. Make sure to enter the corporate account code to get the discounted rates and be covered under UC Berkeley insurance. Corporate account code: U.CB23AB Dept. ID code: 7967

Hertz: Can be booked through ConnexUC to get the discounted rate and be covered under UC Berkeley Insurance. It cannot be direct billed to the University and must be submitted for reimbursement after travel.


Reimbursements: (Hotels, Conference Registration, Car Rental/Transportation, Meals)

Individuals are now able to directly enter their travel, entertainment, and other expenses into the Campus Reimbursement System. Please watch the following training videos on how to submit your Travel & Entertainment reimbursement requests directly into the system.

Travel Reimbursements:

Domestic Travel- Single Destination Trip

Domestic Travel- Multi Destination Trip

International Travel

Approving Travel Reports (Department Approvers) 


Entertainment Reimbursements:


Approving Entertainment Reports (Department Approvers)


Please note, if your supervisor is not listed as an approver, please have them submit a SARA request (Instructions to submit SARA Request)