Chancellor’s Box

Chancellors Box


Located at the very top of the Memorial Stadium, the Chancellor’s Box is not just a box, but a comfortable event space complete with furnishings and a kitchenette. This space is characterized by sweeping vistas of the Stadium to the north and the sumptuous hills and waters of the Bay Area to the south. The Chancellor’s Box features an outdoor balcony and glass deck, with glass doors. Great for small gatherings, luncheons, or intimate dinners, the Chancellor’s Box lends privacy and class to any occasion—not to mention a perfect space for a bridal preparation suite. You don’t need to be the Chancellor to rent this space! It’s available for your special day too.

Size and Dimensions

Square Footage








Your rental includes a planning meeting with an Event Coordinator. The meeting should take place 60 days before your event. Please come prepared with: exact times, set-up needs, and catering needs.

3 room diagrams depicting the layout of your event are created during this meeting. Additional diagrams are $77 each. Room diagrams are final 3 business days before your event.