Sather Gate Signboard

Your Registered Student Organization (RSO) can participate in the Sather Gate Signboard Program. If your RSO receives a confirmation, a signatory must bring the signboard to the Event Services desk for approval prior to placement on the bridge. You can request signboard approval through EMS. When approved, Even Services will assign a spot for your signboard. Applications open on the 2nd Monday of each September.

Please refer to the Signboard Blueprint for signboard construction guidelines. If you have any questions about our Sather Gate Signboard program, please contact us.



  • Signboards cannot be placed South of Sather Gate
  • Signboards cannot be bigger than 36" tall and 22" wide
  • Signboards must be 4" above the ground
  • Signboards must attach to the balustrades with plastic-coated chains or other non-abrasive fasteners and a combination lock
  • RSOs must submit combination code for their lock to Event Services
  • On the last day of instruction of each semester, signboards must be taken down, or they will be removed and disposed of

Signboards that violate a policy, or are not in compliance, will be removed and the RSO will be charged a $25.00 removal fee and will lose future signboard privileges.