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Key: 🎤:microphone 🍸: alcohol 🍴: catering   📺: tv  🌳: courtyard/ patio access  🎦: projector  🎪: stage  📢:speaker

Event Services at the ASUC Student Union

MLK Jr Student Union

 Pauley Ballroom 🎤🌳🎪🎦📢🍴🍸

 The Pauley Ballrooms is a large venue located on the 5h floor of MLK. It is great for large banquets, concerts, and receptions. The large space can be broken up into two smaller intimate venues: East Pauley (size ratio ⅓) and West Pauley (size ratio ⅔). There is also patio access from the West side of the venue.

Tilden 🌳🎦🎤📢🍴🍸

Tilden is a great space with a beautiful stained glass window–it is perfect for medium sized gatherings, receptions, lectures, and info sessions. There is patio access that overlooks San Francisco Bay.

Stephens 🎦🍴🍸

Stephens is ideal for smaller banquets and info sessions. 

Eshleman Hall

    • Bay view 🎤🎦🍴🍸 

This is the perfect space for small receptions and meetings.

Anna Head Alumnae Hall 🎤🌳🎪🎦📢🍴🍸

A few blocks off the main-campus, Anna Head Alumnae Hall offers the perfect space for large banquets and gatherings. It also has a courtyard for outdoor events.

Campus Outdoor Spaces

    • Memorial Glade – Memorial Glade is popular for hosting receptions, carnivals, barbecues, and concerts.
    • Lower Sproul – Dance practices, concerts, large group gatherings
    • Upper Sproul- Upper sproul is popular for tabling and dance performance.

Clark Kerr Campus

Cal Performances 🎤🍸🍴📺🌳🎦🎪📢


I-House 🎤 🍴 🌳 🎦 📢 📺 🎪


Alumni House 🎤 🍴 🌳 🎦: 📢