Event Services Policy

ASUC Student Union Event Services Policies


1 Rental Charges:

1.1 When groups falling into two different fee categories elect to co-sponsor an event, the higher facility rate shall be used to determine fees.

1.2 Only signatories of Registered Student Organizations with the LEAD Center, ASUC student government, and Fraternities & Sororities may book spaces at the Student rate.

1.2.1 Registered Student Organizations are subject to the Event Services Infraction Policy, which can be read here.

1.3 Campus Departments may not act as agents for Non-Campus Affiliates in order to receive department rates for space and services.

1.4 Late Adds & Late Changes: All late add reservations and late reservation change requests are subject to a $87 administrative fee. Payment for all applicable charges is due at the same time that the late request is placed.

1.5 5-2-1 Reservation Guideline for RSO (Registered Student Organizations):  Room Rental Fee Waived for RSO events is limited to 5 Meeting room reservations, 2 Event Space Reservations, and 1 Pauley Ballroom Reservation per semester.

2 Deposits:

2.1 Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Events that are estimated to cost more than $250 may be asked to provide a purchase order prior to the event date.

2.2 Campus departments must submit a valid chartstring upon signing the event contract.

3 Payment:

3.1 Payment Schedule:

3.1.1 Registered Student Organizations (RSO) will be invoiced within 7 days after the event date. RSO Groups to pay in full within 14 days of being invoiced.

3.1.2Campus departments’ chartstrings charged within 7 days after the event date.

3.1.3 Past Due Balances: Groups that are over 30 days past due on any ASUC SU invoices will not be allowed to make further reservations until their account is up-to-date. Existing reservations for groups with invoices that are over 30 days past due are subject to cancellation.

3.2 Payment Type:

3.2.1 Client agrees to pay for all actual charges, assessed after the event date, may be higher than estimated value, based on damages, loss, rentals, catering, hours, staff, security, or Campus Facility Service orders.

For Campus Departments, if more than 2 Chartstrings will be used for payment an additional administration fee of $87 will apply per account.

4 Cancellations/No Shows:

4.1 Cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to eventservices@berkeley.edu.

4.2 Cancellations of the event are subject to a cancellation fee.

4.2.1 The cost of the total estimated cost includes but is not limited to rental fees, staff, Facilities requests, catering, parking, purchases, and décor.

4.3 No Shows: Should a group have a confirmed reservation and “no shows”, a minimum fee of $850 up to 100% of estimated cost will be charged to the group.


5 Catering:

5.1 All events held through the ASUC SU and within the MLK Jr. Student Union, Eshleman Hall, and Lower Sproul Plaza are required to use ASUC SU Catering Services when catering is requested. No outside caterers will be permitted.

5.2 All events held through the ASUC SU and within Anna Head Alumnae Hall, Career Center and outdoor space, alternate catering services are available.

5.3 Event Services can coordinate catering for events with 14 days advance notice. When catering services are requested, Event Services reserves the right to either impose a 15% administrative fee or refuse service when contacted for catering requests less than 13 days notice.

5.4 Menu changes are due no later than 14 days prior to the event. All communication regarding changes to the catering agreement must be made in writing via email to your designated Event Coordinator. Client is responsible to pay for any food and/or service additions requested at the time of the event and will be invoiced for those special requests.

5.5 Final guest count is due no later than 7 days prior to the event.

5.6 Rental and F&B estimates cannot be reduced by more than 30% of the contracted estimates.  Attempts to meet the contractual estimates will be made between group and Event Services, however if an agreement cannot be met, the balance of the contracted estimate less the actualized will be charged as attrition fee to ASUC Event Services.

5.7 Food is highly perishable, Event Services does not permit clients or guests to take food home after their event.

5.8 Clients may not bring any outside food or beverage in the venue areas of MLK Jr. Student Union, Eshleman Hall, and Lower Sproul Plaza.

6 Policies, Permits, And Waivers:

6.1 Alcohol: In accordance with the Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy, alcohol is only permitted in designated event locations and with the proper permit approvals from UCPD. Permit processes fee is $30.00. An approved Alcohol Permit must be on file with Event Services and UCPD prior to your event.

6.1.1 Client is required to have the approved Alcohol Permit on hand at the event.

6.1.2 If Client is charging for alcohol or charging an entrance fee and alcohol is being served, then an Alcohol Sales Permit through the county is required. No outside Alcohol is permitted in the venue areas of MLK Jr. Student Union, Eshleman Hall, and Lower Sproul Plaza.

6.2 Amplified Sound:The use of amplified sound is permitted within the ASUC SU facilities, but is restricted in time, place and manner by the Berkeley Campus Regulations: http://sa.berkeley.edu/uga/regs and the ‘ASUC SU Policy – Amplified Sound, 4.1.15’.

6.3 Berkeley Campus Regulations: All events are required to abide by the Berkeley Campus Regulations (BCRs) at all times.

6.3.1 BCRs govern aspects of campus organizations and non-affiliates, use of University facilities, and time, place, and manner of public expression for which implementing campus regulations are required by the University Policies.

6.4 Use of University of California, Berkeley name is restricted to a geographical description (for purposes of describing the physical location of the event as being on the UC Berkeley campus). Other uses of name and trademarks are governed by the Berkeley Student Regulations. If you wish to seek an exception, please complete the Trademark Use Request Form and allow 3-4 days for your request to be reviewed and processed. Note: only an approved licensee (see current listing) may apply UC trademarks on goods for giveaway or resale. For information regarding the Campus Posting Policy, please refer to sections 360-369 of Berkeley Campus Regulations.

6.5 If you plan on serving food and your event is open to the public, an approved EH&S Permit Site must be on file with Event Services and EH&S prior to your event. The client is required to have the approved Food Permit on hand at the event.

6.6 Mobile food facilities (MFFs) are allowed on the University of California, Berkeley campus only as part of an approved special event providing a benefit to the campus, or when installed in a fixed location associated with a campus building for permanent operation under permit issued by Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). Their operation is subject to approval by ES&S and the campus police (UCPD). MFFs include, but are not limited to, trucks, trailers, carts, bicycles, and may include auxiliary equipment such as portable fryers, stoves, and grills that are located adjacent to the MFF during operation. Additional details and restrictions can be found (http://campuspol.berkeley.edu/policies/foodtrucks.pdf)

6.7 Latex: Latex is not allowed in any ASUC Event Services spaces. This is including, but not limited to, balloons, gloves, and rubber bands. For latex alternatives, please speak with your Event Coordinator.

6.8 Fundraising & Third Party Sales: For cash handling, exceeding $500 at the event, Event Services will arrange a meeting with UCPD. Official UCPD security is required, the cost of which will be added to your reservation charges. To sell items at the event (including an entrance fee), student groups must have a Fundraising Certificate on file with the LEAD Center. For Third-Party Vendors selling items, Event Services will assist you with obtaining approval from the Chancellor’s Designee. No sales may compete with existing campus partners (i.e. non-Pepsi products, official logo merchandise, etc.).

6.9 General Building Usage: The ASUC SU is considered a public facility and is open to members of the public. Visitors to the facility are expected to adhere to established Building policies, BCRs, Regents policies, Student Code of Conduct, as well as federal, state, and local regulations and policies at all times while in the facility, regardless of activity. ‘ASUC SU Policy – General Building Usage, 4.1.15’.

6.10 Golf Carts: To maintain a safe, accessible campus, the use of golf carts and other small motorized vehicles is subject to the conditions set forth in this policy.

6.11 Minors: This policy does not apply to minors enrolled in regularly scheduled classes.

6.11.1 Registered Student Organizations must meet with their LEAD Center Adviser in advance of their event.

6.11.2 Volunteers must read and sign the Volunteer’s Code of Conduct.

6.11.3 The department in charge of the event will document that they have checked the National Sex Offender Public Website to see whether the potential volunteer is a registered sex offender.

6.11.4 The Contracts with non-University organizations bringing minors onto campus for an overnight stay or for consecutive-day (or longer) visits must include provisions that protect minors and the University, which includes mandatory Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance (also known as Abuse and Molestation), naming The Regents of the University of California as Additional Insured, with the following limits: $1,000,000.00/occurrence and $2,000,000.00/aggregate. Organizations who do not currently carry this line of coverage may be able to purchase it online, through Marsh Campus Connexions.

 6.11.5 Please refer to the UC Berkeley Risk Services' Best Practices for additional information.

6.12 Open Flame/Cooking: Open flames, flammable materials and incense are prohibited by fire code, with the exception of approved votive candles and stermos. Barbecues are only permitted by licensed caterers and with approval from the Campus Fire Marshall. EH&S Permit Site

6.13 Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus: Consistent with its emphasis on health and environmental protection, the University of California, Berkeley is tobacco-free, meaning the use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or unregulated nicotine products (i.e. “e-cigarettes”) is strictly prohibited in indoor and outdoor spaces owned or leased by UC Berkeley. In addition, the sale and advertising of tobacco products on UC Berkeley owned or leased property is not permitted. http://campuspol.berkeley.edu/policies/tobaccofree.pdf

6.14 Waivers: Waivers must be stored by the department supervising the activity for at least three years after the activity ends. Waivers signed on behalf of a minor must be retained for three years after the activity ends or until the minor turns 20, whichever is longer. Waivers may be scanned and stored electronically to eliminate space concerns

6.14.1 If you are you engaging in physical activity (i.e. climbing, dancing, exercising, etc.), each guest must sign a General Liability Waiver at the event.

6.14.2 If the participant is a minor, parent or guardian must sign an Authorization to Consent to Treatment of Minor. All staff and volunteers must adhere to the Volunteers Code of Conduct.

6.14.3 Please be aware that by entering the ASUC Student Union, you and your guests consent to your likeness being used without compensation, in all media for the ASUC Student Union. A Photo Waiver may be required in some cases.


7.1 Building Hours/After Hour Fees: Building hours for Martin Luther King Student Union (MLK) and Eshleman (ESH), are subject to change without advance notice,  event coordinator will advise if there are any changes to the following:

7.1.1 Academic Year Hours: MLK 7AM-12AM Mon – Sat; 10AM-10PM Sunday; ESH 7AM-12AM

Summer Hours: MLK 7AM-8PM Mon – Sun; ESH 7AM – 8PM

Holiday Weekend / Weekday Limited Hours – Inquire with Event Coordinator

Academic Holidays: MLK Closed; ESH Closed

7.1.2 After Building Hour Fees: $50 per hour

7.1.3 After 1:00 AM Fees – $125 per hour, and approval from Event Coordinator

7.2 Capacities: The client is responsible for ensuring capacities are not exceeded and that doors to rooms may not be propped open by any means. Fire exits must remain accessible at all times and not be blocked. Events exceeding the maximum capacity of the reserved space are subject to be shut down at the discretion of the UC Berkeley Fire Marshall or designee.

7.3 Cleaning: Event Services will be responsible for emptying the trash/recycling/composting bins. The client is responsible for the removal of personal items. If the event requires extra clean up charges or has accrued any additional charges, these charges are applied to the final invoice.

7.3.1 Extra Cleaning Charges:  All clients are responsible for any fees/charges as a result of excessive cleaning and/or damages to equipment and facilities.  Minimum 4 hours at $125 per hour per person.
7.3.2 Buffet Cleaning Service: Client is responsible to clean compostable serviceware from tables after buffet service. If you wish to hire staff to clear table tops is an additional $35/hr per person, number of staff needed will be determined by catering.

7.4 Damages to Property: CLIENT agrees to pay ASUC SU for all damage(s) to or loss of UC Berkeley property resulting from client's use of said facilities, including any loss or damage caused by client's contractors, licensees, invitees, or guests. This includes but is not limited to: floral arrangements, china, serving ware, linens and decorative props.

7.5 Decor: The ASUC SU is not responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to CLIENT or event attendees. All displays and/or decorations will be subject to our prior written approval and we reserve the right to contract and charge for ASUC SU staff to provide the labor for any installations or removals of such. Use of any tape including blue painter’s tape is not allowed. Banners may only be approved and hung by Event Services staff. Nothing can be hung from the ceiling or attached to the building. CLIENT is responsible for removal of all personal property and/or décor immediately following the event. The following are never allowed: confetti, loose rose petals, and loose glitter.

7.6 Event Coordination Fees: An event planning fee of $87 per hour may be assessed for coordination of rentals, permits and campus facility orders for all outdoor events and selected indoor rentals.

7.7 Facilities Services: The use of electrical power, trash bins, recycling bins, composting bins, and portable restrooms may require a fee for events held on campus. Event Services will coordinate these services through campus’ Facilities Services and the associated charges will be added to your reservation. Events with food, alcohol, and events longer than four hours are required to order trash bins and portable restrooms.
7.8 Holidays / Holiday Fees: Campus recognizes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve. If you wish to host your event on a Holiday, a minimum of $2,000 operations fee will be applied to your reservation plus an additional 20% administrative fee will be applied to all catering orders.

7.9 Loading & Overnight Storage: Unloading may be done in the Lower Sproul Garage (located beneath MLK). If CLIENT wishes to store  equipment overnight a security plan must be in place and approved by an Event Coordinator. UCPD security may be required and the charges applied to your reservation. In the receipt, handling, care or custody of property of any kind shipped, delivered, stored, or left to the premises whether prior to, during or subsequent to the use of the facility by CLIENT, ASUC SU and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to such property. All items deemed lost, can be reclaimed at UCPD in Sproul Hall.

7.10 Parking: Parking on campus requires permits.  Please consult with your event coordinator to plan your parking event needs.   All campus parking and permits is managed by UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation.  Visit the Visitor Parking Website for more information

7.11 Security: UCPD shall determine the number of security personnel necessary to maintain order at any event. Security personnel shall be provided only by UCPD at the cost of the client. For all dances, concerts, and high profile public figures, ASUC SU will help you to submit a Security Request Form and arrange a meeting with UCPD to establish a security plan. Requests for dances and concerts are accepted a minimum of 60 days in advance of event date.

7.12 Shipping and Storage: Packages for events may be delivered to ASUC SU Event Services (see address below) to arrive no more than two business days prior to the event date with prior notification and approval from your Event Coordinator. A storage fee of $15.00 per box per day will be assessed for any boxes shipped to Event Services. Due to space and equipment constraints we are unable to accept shipments on pallets.


<Event Coordinator’s Name>, ASUC SU Event Services
2455 Bancroft Way, 2nd Floor
Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
Berkeley, CA 94720
ATTN: <Group Contact>
<Group Name>
<Date of Event>


8.1 CLIENT shall defend, indemnify and hold THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ("THE REGENTS"), its officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, expense, including reasonable attorneys' fees, or claims for injury or damages arising out of the performance of this Agreement, but only in proportion to and to the extent such liability, loss, expense, attorneys' fees, or claims for injury or damages are caused by or result from the negligent or intentional acts or omissions of CLIENT, its officers, agents or employees.


9.1 ASUC SU shall not be considered to have failed in fulfilling this agreement if the failure arises out of causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of ASUC SU. These causes may include but are not restricted to acts of God or the public enemy, acts of Government in its sovereign capacity, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, rolling blackouts, terrorist threats or actions on University property, or unusually severe weather. In these cases, CLIENT shall remain liable for all non-cancelable costs contracted by ASUC SU for this event, before the force majeure event. Any unexpended balance in Client’s account shall be refunded to the CLIENT.

10.1 CLIENT shall ensure that its subcontractors are covered by insurance of the types required by this agreement, and that the amount of insurance for each subcontractor is appropriate for the subcontractor’s work. CLIENT shall not allow any subcontractor to commence work on its subcontract until the insurance has been obtained.  Proof of insurance, licenses and reports MUST be provided PRIOR TO EVENT and no later than 14 days prior to day of arrival.

10.2 The subcontractor’s Certificate of Insurance should include:
10.2.1 General Liability insurance coverage of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.
10.2.2 Certificate must name The Regents of the University of California, 1200 University Ave, Berkeley CA 94720, as Additional Insured.
10.2.3 Proof of WORKER’S COMPENSATION - if a company employee will be working on University property.

10.3 CLIENT shall ensure that its subcontractors provide Proof of  Auto Liability Insurance coverage of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence – if a representative will be driving on University property
10.4 CLIENT shall ensure that its subcontractors provide current Business License – if a company employee will be working on University property.
10.5 CLIENT shall ensure that its subcontracted catering company submits current county health report.

The parties agree that any amendments or changes to the arrangements described in this contract must be made in writing, signed by both ASUC SU and CLIENT, provided however, that this contract includes all signed or unsigned confirmation event orders (and the terms and conditions contained therein and attached thereto) issued by ASUC SU for this and related events.