Eshleman Hall Reservations

Reserve an Eshleman conference room or a practice and performance space for your RSO.

How to make a reservation:

  1. Designate 1 signatory to book reservations for your RSO
  2. Signatory must create a virtual EMS account to book practice and performance spaces; conference rooms are booked through One Stop Shop
  3. Finally, the signatory must fill out either this conference room form or this practice and performance space form

Room Capacity
250 8
310 12
318 6
338 10
342 6
346 14
350 8



• Each RSO may book up to:

-1 hour per reservation
-2 separate hours per day
-4 hours total per week
-20 reservations at one time

• Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

• Walk-in reservations are available at the touch screen outside the room.

• Food and drink are not allowed in the meeting rooms.

• Shades must remain up at all times.

• Your RSO must clean up after their reservation.

• Your RSO must check-in within 15 minutes of the reservation. Failure to check-in within 15 minutes will result in the cancellation of your reservation.



• RSOs will be given infractions for any violations of the general use policy

• Infractions:

• 1 infraction will be given if we see food consumption within the conference rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. If RSOs see food in their reserved spaces, they must report it to the Eshleman Concierge Desk otherwise they will be given an infraction

• 1 infraction will be given for any damages to AV equipment, screens, cables (VGA/HDMI), not wiping down whiteboards or failure to return audiovisual equipment to the Eshleman Concierge Desk

• 1 infraction will be given for trash left behind in the rooms after use

• 2 infractions will be given for moving furniture (e.g. moving couches from 312 office cubicles out to the 3rd floor conference rooms) as this can damage flooring, break equipment, or result in injury

• 2 infractions will be given for spilling food, drinks (non-water) onto the carpet

• 3 infractions will result in a block. A block will cancel all Eshleman conference room reservations your organization currently has during the semester, and will prevent your organization from making new reservations within the same semester. Access to reserving Eshleman conference rooms for your RSO will be revoked

• Infractions will automatically reset to zero at the beginning of every semester

If you have any questions about Eshleman Hall Reservations, please contact us.

Conference Room

Conference Room

Conference Room

Conference Room