Live Streaming Event Support

Berkeley AV provides support for live video streaming of campus events on the UC Berkeley Live on Youtube and UC Berkeley Events on Youtube  In some cases we can live stream to your streaming platform.

Best Practices & Recommendation:

  • Live streaming will have the most impact when you reach the most appropriate audience. We recommend clearly identifying your audience and advertising to that group ahead of the event.
  • Berkeley AV will work with you to ensure that you have all the details needed to market your event in advance of the event date.
  • Live streaming is a great medium for opening the broadest possible window of access to your event. However, for smaller target audiences, you may want to consider video recording your event for on-demand viewing.

Requirements & Guidelines for live Streaming:

  • Berkeley AV must provide all production support, video and audio, when live streaming to the UC Berkeley Events YouTube channel and UC Berkeley Live.  It may be possible for us to live stream to your streaming platform.
  • The event location must have a minimum of a 100baseT hard-wired ethernet port. In addition, at least 1 week prior to the event, Berkeley AV will perform a live streaming test in the room to confirm connectivity. Please provide a contact at the venue with whom we can coordinate.
  • On the event day, Berkeley AV needs access to the room at least 1.5 hours before the event is scheduled to begin.
  • A publishing agreement and media releases must be signed by all presenters and submitted to Berkeley AV prior to the event.
  • Berkeley AV is committed to accessibility and inclusion and follow UC policy by adding captions to all videos, including videos that are live streamed. Captioning not only supports UC Berkeley’s commitment to inclusion and makes your content available to a wider audience, it also makes the dialogue in your content more easily understood by everyone. You can find out more about accessibility at UC at this website: is external)
  • Berkeley AV provides live streaming support via IP, which for most events is over the UCB campus network.  Berkeley AV will do thorough testing to make sure all connections are working as required prior to an event, and we can provide redundant streams over the same network during the event.  However, any interruptions in service to the network may impact the live stream.  Berkeley AV does not have contorl of the network and is responsible for the signal up to the network connection.