Event Services Infraction Policy

In the interest of supporting our Registered Student Organizations, they are not required to pay a room charge for our event spaces, and set up is included in their reservation unless additional resources are requested. In order to ensure the sustainability of these services to students, our goal is to maintain these spaces and encourage our community to all follow the same set of guidelines. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of adhering to policies as stated in our contract to ensure we have a long-term model for maintaining our spaces. Below are infractions that may take place when the policies on our contract are violated:

Infractions for Event Services Spaces
Including but not limited to: Anna Head, Eshleman Hall, MLK Jr. Student Union, Outdoor Spaces
RSOs will be given infractions for any violations noted below:

  • 1 infraction will be given if outside catering is foundwithin MLK or Eshleman Hall. Additional facilities cleaning fees may apply.
  • 1 infraction will be given for any damages to of venue spaces; or damages and/or loss to AV equipment, and furniture. Additional fees may apply.
  • 1 infraction will be given if the room is not left clean after use. Use trash receptacles located in spaces; if there is excess trash notify an Operations Supervisor.  Whiteboards must be cleaned after use.
  • 1 infraction will be given for violating amplified sound If a group is found playing music outside of their approved window, they will be given an infraction.
  • 3 infractions will be given for a no show. If a group does not cancel their reservation at least 3 days prior to the reservation date, it will be considered a no show.  If a group does not show up within 1 hour of their scheduled arrival time, it will also be considered a no show. There may be a fee assessed on the reservation as well if labor was needed for setup.
  • 1 infraction will be given for violating decor policies.  This includes hanging items from the ceiling, walls, windows or attaching to the building, or using confetti, latex, balloons, loose rose petals or loose glitter. Painter’s tape may only be used inside the reserved event space. Any taped signs found outside of the reserved room will be given an infraction. There may also be a fine assessed for any additional custodial required.
  • 1 infraction will be given for relocating and resetting furniture and equipment.  i.e. chairs can be moved/adjusted within the space (it must stay within the reserved space) as needed but an Operations Supervisor should be notified if further adjustments are needed.  Please request a door stop from the Operations Supervisor to prop doors; do not use furniture.
  • 3 infractions will be given for unapproved alcohol consumption in any of our spaces.

All event attendees are held to these policies, even if they are not a signatory or direct member of your organization.  3 infractions will result in a block. A block will cancel all ASUC Event Services reservations your organization currently has during the semester and will prevent your organization from making new reservations. RSOs will be required to meet with your Event Coordinator and LEAD Advisor for the block to be removed.  Any overall outstanding fees for your organization must also be reconciled for the block to be removed.

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